Outdoor Dining 101: An Intro to Some of the Best Patios at UBC

June 4, 2021

Ahh summer, a.k.a. patio season. For those lucky enough to call UBC home or day trippers to the area, there is no shortage of great outdoor dining options within walking distance. Here are seven amazing patios to check out during the warmer months…and in some cases even during the colder months.

Browns Crafthouse – A+ for Consistency & Capacity

If you’ve been to any of their other locations, then you know that Browns basically has casual dining down to a science. They’ve perfected their recipes and mastered the art of quality control, including at their UBC campus location. So, you can count on friendly, efficient service and dishes that almost never veer from their proven formulas – their iconic Power Salads come to mind.

In addition to amazing greens, burgers and bowls, Browns at UBC also has great Happy Hour specials. So, if you find yourself craving a patio pop and tasty snack before dinner, say after a long bike ride around Spanish Banks, then this is the outdoor dining experience for you, with a stunning 16-table, wrap-around deck that backs onto a vibrant green field. This all-season hot spot is not just for summer either – it’s completely covered, yet airy and spacious. Plus, it’s got its own bar that you can sidle up to at any time of the year.
101 – 6111 University Blvd

Virtuous Pie – Plant-Based Paradise

If you’re a vegan that’s tired of uttering the words “hold the cheese please,” here’s the pizzeria for you. Every ingredient is plant-based, and we’re not talking over-processed dairy substitutes either. We’re talking naturally delicious, cashew mozzarella and/or cashew ricotta. For skeptical carnivores, there are house specials like the Spicy Italian – the homemade pepperoni alternative on this pizza is so good, you won’t miss the real thing. You can also pair your handcrafted, personalized pie with one of several starters including a vegan kale Caesar salad or meatless meatballs.

For drinks, they offer plenty of options including a great selection of beer and kombucha on tap. Can you picture it – sitting on a lively, fully licensed patio with outdoor heating, enjoying a cold one and a healthy mouthwatering pizza? And there’s more – this outdoor oasis faces a green street and has the added benefit of beautiful, speckled shadows from the surrounding trees. So, you can enjoy fresh air, good company and the perfect crust as the leaves dance for you.
3339 Shrum Lane

BierCraft – Best Euro Experience

At this Belgian-inspired hotspot, you have a wide range of hearty pub grub options to choose from, as well as enough vegetarian and gluten-free menu items to keep everyone happy. The best part is that you can wash it all down with an international beer flight or keep it simple with a full pint of world-class suds – be it domestic or imported.

And there’s plenty of seating to dine alfresco with a group of friends including multiple tables as well as two cozy outdoor sofas. Surrounded by lush greenery, the partially enclosed patio boasts southern exposure, so it catches the sun for most of the day. It’s also conveniently located in the heart of Wesbrook Village and faces the beautiful Norman Mackenzie Square which has a canopy of lights overhead, adding a unique festive flair to this particular patio experience.
3340 Shrum Lane

Jamjar Canteen – Build Your Bowl

Serving up freshly made Lebanese classics, Jamjar is a great option for people who want to enjoy a quick, healthy lunch or early supper. Each location has a customized menu that caters to its respective clientele. With that in mind, the UBC location keeps it simple for people on the go: Choose your base, filling, dips and veggies.

Of course, the easy four-step process doesn’t mean you have to take your food to go. On the contrary – the beautiful turquoise décor makes Jamjar an inviting place to dine in. But when the warmer weather hits, the place to be is the raised, fully-covered patio – a sweet little outdoor option with plenty of funk and charm to spare.
6035 University Blvd

KINTON RAMEN– Slurp in the Sun

Got a hankering for Japanese noodle soup? Well, look no further. And don’t worry about making noise as you suck up those tasty noodles and swig back that delicious broth. At KINTON, the louder your sloppy sounds are, the better. In fact, they even sell T-shirts that insist that all those who enter “Respect the Slurp.”

Clever marketing aside, this place is the real deal. The first location was established in 2012 by Executive Chef Aki Urata and an elite team of ramen experts. Together, they perfected specialized techniques to create their signature stock and noodles. Now you can enjoy these renowned bowls at UBC on a spacious, covered outdoor patio.
103 – 6111 University Blvd

JJ Bean – Community Corner Café

The only thing better than starting your morning with a strong cup of coffee and a baked good, is starting your morning with a strong cup of coffee and a baked good on a perfectly situated, friendly sidewalk patio. That’s what you get at the JJ Bean at UBC. With plenty of seating, you can grab a java and sit outside and chill. Choose between a cool shaded spot or soak up the sun in one of the fully exposed seats.

For eats, there’s a nice selection of muffins, breakfast wraps and yogurt parfaits. And considering JJ Bean’s reputation for great service, you can bet this location is staffed with some of the friendliest baristas around. Bonus: when you buy your beans here, you get a coffee on the house.
6005 University Blvd

Tacomio – Time-honoured Tacos
When it comes to authentic Mexican street food, this family run eatery is arguably the best in the city – let alone UBC. So, if you happen to live near this spicy, little establishment, can we just say lucky you! Armed with mama’s recipes from beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the owners make some of the tastiest tacos in town.

There’s just something about tacos that says summer, so outdoor seating is a must and Tacomio doesn’t disappoint with its covered outdoor dining area – complete with hits of Day of the Dead artwork to soak up as you feast.
6025 University Blvd

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