UBC Rose Garden

10 Ways to Find Your Peace at UBC Point Grey

May 10, 2023

When you think of UBC, you probably think of people rushing to and fro, bicycles whizzing by, buses and cars competing for road space, and the general hustle and bustle of a buzzing community. On top of that, wherever you might be, daily life increasingly involves notification pings, advertisements, mindless crowd chatter, construction noise, household clattering, and endless other interruptions.

While we’ve mostly grown accustomed to these constant sounds, it’s important to create space for silence during your hectic day. Peace and quiet have many health benefits such as improved focus and clarity, stress relief, and enhanced creativity. One of the advantages of living somewhere like UBC Point Grey is that finding the peace we so desperately need to live our best life is right on our doorstep. Here are ten ways to help you find tranquillity within this beautiful community regardless of how busy your day might be.


1. Explore Pacific Spirit Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park by Martin DeeMan looking up at the trees in Pacific Spirit Park

Photo by Martin Dee

Located just to the east of UBC campus, Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a beautiful forested area with over 75km of trails that offers endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh forest air while listening to the sounds of wildlife in the area. You’ll be feeling the peace and connection to nature in no time!


2. Take a Yoga Class at VNYSA Yoga Studio

VNYSA Studio in Wesbrook Village

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, VNYSA Yoga Studio is a great place to find your zen. With a variety of classes for all levels, an inclusive and positive atmosphere, and experienced and friendly instructors, you’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed — now get your asana mat, yoganna love it!


3. Relax on Tower Beach

While it’s likely you’ve heard of Wreck Beach, Tower Beach is one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets. It’s a beautiful stretch of sand (and rocks) accessed from NW Marine Drive down a few hundred stairs that offers stunning views of the ocean, mountains, and makes a great spot to watch the sunset. It’s also a clothing-optional beach, so be prepared!


4. Stimulate your senses in the Rose Garden

UBC Rose Garden

The Rose Garden, located just North of the UBC Flag Pole near NW Marine Drive, is a gorgeous spot to spend a quiet afternoon among the colourful flora. Take a leisurely stroll around the garden and admire the beautiful blooms and their divine scent, or bring a book and relax on one of the benches with the picturesque mountains and sea in the background.


5. Enjoy a quiet moment at Nitobe Memorial Garden

Nitobe Memorial Garden

The Nitobe Memorial Garden offers a beautiful and serene escape from the hustle and bustle of campus life. It is one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan, and was designed to create a sense of harmony with nature. Take a tour, explore the beautiful gardens, or simply sit and enjoy the calmness of nature.


6. Try a Sound Healing Meditation Class at Wesbrook Community Centre

The Wesbrook Community Centre offers a few different classes and workshops designed to help you find your inner peace. Try a Sound Healing Meditation class, which uses Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, wind chimes, and rattle to bring you to a deep meditative state. Classes start on May 18th — visit myuna.ca/programs and search for ‘sound healing meditation’ to save your spot.


7. Have a Picnic in the Park at Wesbrook Place

Wesbrook Village picnic

Wesbrook Place is a beautiful and peaceful community located at the southern end of UBC Point Grey and is home to 8,000 residents, along with restaurants, shops, and services. Meet a friend and take a stroll through one of the many parks and greenways, pack a picnic, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the sunshine.


8. Get Creative at 4Cats Art Studio

4Cats Art Studio

Image from 4cats.com

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a total beginner, age 5 or 55, 4Cats Art Studio in Wesbrook Village is a great place to get connected with your creative side. It can be very therapeutic to see something come together before your eyes! From clay mugs and vases, fridge magnets and flower pots, to pastel painting and watercolours — there’s something for everyone at 4Cats.


9. Examine the Belkin Art Gallery

The Belkin Art Gallery

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery is a beautiful and peaceful space at UBC Point Grey that focuses on showcasing contemporary art and promotes discussion around issues in art history, criticism, and curating. It’s always free to visit the Belkin — take a tour of UBC’s outdoor art collection, explore the current exhibit, or sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


10. Relax on the Museum of Anthropology Grounds

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology is one of UBC’s most popular attractions. Unfortunately, it’s closed for seismic upgrades until the end of 2023, but you can still book private tours which are offered twice monthly. When the weather is nice, you can explore the surrounding grounds which are just as beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy the tranquil views of the ocean and the mountains, and soak up the natural beauty around you.


So, if you’re someone looking for a little peace and quiet, UBC Point Grey has plenty of options to help you find your zen whether you prefer it through art, movement, or nature. Go ahead and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life at UBC — your mind and body will thank you!