UBC, Point Grey consists of 5 distinct residential neighbourhoods. Each has its own unique points of interest. Together, they make up a community with plenty of stories to tell.

Wesbrook Place

Wesbrook Place is UBC’s largest neighbourhood, and a natural gathering place for the whole community. The neighbourhood is now more than 6,000 homes, comfortably composed across 114 acres. At its heart stands Wesbrook Village, a full complement of restaurants, pubs, a liquor store, cafes, shops, and neighbourhood services. University Hill Secondary School offers local kids an ideal place to learn, and the Wesbrook Community Centre – a soaring timber building – hosts events and programs for every resident.

Sustainable urban design defines the entire neighbourhood, and community parks and gathering places are everywhere you look. All showcasing the breathtaking forests of Pacific Spirit Regional Park, right next door.

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Hawthorn Place

Hawthorn Place is a warm and welcoming neighbourhood, home to nearly 700 homes. The neighbourhood is built around the active hub that is the Old Barn Community Centre, which hosts everything from holiday craft events to summer camps to language workshops. All in the midst of a greenway-rich neighbourhood that’s knit seamlessly into the UBC community.

Chancellor Place

Chancellor Place sprung from a partnership between UBC and four venerated theological colleges, and today is home to 625 residences, with a mix of families, faculty, and people from all walks of life. The iconic Iona Building, a grand, recently restored home of Vancouver’s School of Economics, stands at its heart – prominently visible from Chancellor Blvd when you approach UBC from its northern edge. Today, Chancellor place is a living, breathing hybrid of tradition and modern community, in a landmark campus location.

Hampton Place

Hampton Place consists of 957 homes, with a mix of longtime residents and young families. The neighbourhood is a few steps from UBC’s vast sporting complex and training facilities, Norma Rose Elementary, and the complete retail, services, and culinary offering of Wesbrook Place.

East Campus

East Campus is an intimate, wooded pocket neighbourhood at the heart of UBC Point Grey. Just across Wesbrook Mall from Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena, East Campus is 276 homes surrounded by serene pedestrian walkways, expansive park spaces, and copious bike paths. TRIUMF House, a boutique guest house at East Campus, welcomes visiting scientists and professors from across the world.

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Be part of the story. Live amongst the nature that surrounds each neighbourhood.

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Named after the famous Romantic era poet and Cambridge University laureate, Wordsworth by Polygon is ideally situated in the heart of the University of British Columbia’s Wesbrook Village – a friendly community that offers a milieu of higher learning. This is one of the city’s best places to be, with renowned schools for all ages and recreational amenities for the whole family all just a stone’s throw away.

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The Conservatory

At The Conservatory, your “front lawn” is a network of meticulously landscaped urban parks that span throughout Wesbrook Village, with water features, greenways, gathering squares, outdoor seating and children’s play areas. Your “backyard” is 763 hectares of pristine forest known as Pacific Spirit Regional Park. All in a home with enviable attention to detail and design.

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Wesbrook Properties

For more than a decade, Wesbrook Properties has been providing the highest quality rental property management services for a unique collection of townhomes and apartments at UBC Point Grey. Wesbrook Properties takes great pride in connecting our residents with the exceptional lifestyle that UBC area has to offer – breathtaking forest pathways, stunning beaches, state of the art recreational & cultural facilities, exemplary schools & childcare, and diverse shop & services – all at your doorstep!

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