Furry Friends have fun
at UBC!

May 29, 2022

Pets add joy and excitement to our daily routines and fill a space in our hearts we didn’t even realize was there. But sometimes, it can be a bit ruff to find pet-friendly amenities.

This blog dives into how living at UBC Point Grey can lead to an inclusive life with your furry friend. Let us take you through a typical day living with a pet at UBC Point Grey!

PC @kingsleythechocolatepuppy

Mornings in the Neighbourhood 

A dog’s favourite way to wake up is to practice some morning stretches and head right out for a nice walk. Stopping by a coffee shop such as Blenz Coffee in Wesbrook is a must, which is open from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm each day. Their hours lend flexibility to any caffeine consumption schedule, so grab a warm cup of joe or a yummy flavoured iced latte to accompany your walk around the beautifully landscaped greenways and parks of Wesbrook Place. Click here for a full map of the parks around the neighbourhood.

After your walk, grab a delicious breakfast from Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen and Bakeshop. This hidden gem serves fresh baked goods and refreshments all day long, and the best part is that they are dog friendly through and through! Stop in with your pooch, and their generous staff will happily offer a treat to both you and your four-legged bestie.

Woof! Finally ca-nine o’clock! Time to hang out while the humans are busy with their days. A chance for the pup to chill before more excitement is much needed. Thankfully, many of the rental homes (apartments, townhouses, etc.) at UBC are pet friendly so hanging out at home can be stress-free for you and your four-legged companion.

Afternoon Adventures 

It’s playtime! Energy is high and venturesome spirit is in the air, so your little buddy will make it clear that it’s time to go over to the top-notch walking spot on campus. Pacific Spirit Regional Park, an area of over 73km of trails invites beings of all kinds – furry or not – to explore the seemingly endless winding trails, where most of the pathways are actually off-leash areas! Meet more friends as many trails are shared with runners, bikers, and even horses! Check out a map of the park here

After getting a good walk in, tummies are rumbling – meaning it’s lunchtime at UBC Point Grey! Finding a dog-friendly patio on campus is actually not as difficult as one might think – University Boulevard offers Jamjar Canteen, Uncle Fatih’s Pizza, JJ Bean Coffee Roasting Co., Sesame and Rain or Shine Ice Cream with pet friendly patios. Also nearby include more pet friendly patios including Great Dane Coffee, and Bean Around the World Coffee House & Bistro. Many of these eateries have dog water bowls out during the summer months!

PC @pucknspoiled

Evenings with your Pal

It’s fido’clock somewhere! The evening has officially begun and it’s time to get out and enjoy our favourite time – happy hour! Some of our top picks to grab a drink with your pal alongside you in Wesbrook Place include Virtuous Pie or Biercraft. Both have some great rotating happy hour deals, typically served from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and again from 9:00 pm to close.

If you’re looking to chill in the evening and relax at home at the end of the day, some takeout is the way to go! Tacomio has an awesome menu that is undeniably delicious to even the pickiest eaters. Enjoy it with your pups – just make sure they don’t sneak any spicy peppers and you’ll both complete the busy day with a smile on your face!

Now it’s time for you and your pet to experience how UBC Point Grey welcome’s pets! We’re paw-sitive you’ll love it!