Thunderbird Sports Arena

6 Ways to Hide from the Rain at UBC Point Grey

October 27, 2022

It’s been so sunny and beautiful the last while that for a second there, we thought we could get away without having to face the typical rainy fall Vancouver. But the last week of October had other plans!

But you know what? When you’re at UBC Point Grey, there’s plenty of things to do to escape the rain and completely forget about those bad-weather-blues. Too many to outline in this blog post, in fact! But here’s a few of our favourite things to start off your wet season with dry feet, warm hands, and a big smile.


  1. Visit the Museum of Anthropology

If you’re into museums — hey, even if you’re not — the Museum of Anthropology is a must-see Vancouver attraction. Home to many exhibits relating to our human species, the museum places a special emphasis on Indigenous Peoples and other cultural communities whose lands we reside on here in British Columbia. Collections are arranged according to Indigenous criteria to underscore endless representations of culture and ways of learning.

The MOA hosts a variety of exhibitions and events — some permanent, and some continuously updated. From musical events with DJs, to monthly Culture Club for kids, to academic seminars, and digital publications, the MOA has an incredible amount to offer.

The current feature exhibition running until January 1st, 2023 is Xicanx featuring works from the Mexican American culture group that combine visual art and activism.

They’re open every day from Tuesday – Sunday 10am-5pm, and Thursdays until 9 for a reduced rate.

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology at UBC Point Grey is the perfect way to spend an afternoon to expand your mind exploring culture.

  1. Take a dip at the Aquatic Centre

Even if you don’t want to get wet outside, it’s somehow different when you’re in a neoprene suit and do it by choice! The UBC Aquatic Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for all things swim. Whether you’re looking for a workout, to practice your diving, or simply a relaxing time, the facility has everything you need.

The centre includes a recreational pool with diving boards, a competition pool, and a lazy river, and there’s a multitude of different programs, lessons, and certifications offered for all ages. If you want to watch your child’s swimming lessons, there’s a spectator area as well as a viewing deck with tables and chairs complete with a food and beverage kiosk. UBC aims to be a barrier-free environment —all spaces at the facility are fully wheelchair-accessible, there are universal changerooms available, and Braille signage. If you want to get your chill time on, it even has a hot tub, sauna, and a steam room.

You can feel good about visiting the Aquatic Centre too — it’s designed around environmental sustainability. Most of the facility’s water is collected on the roof and recycled from rainwater, saving approximately 2.7 million litres of water annually. We knew Raincouver was good for something! ☔️

UBC Aquatic Centre

Take a dip in the Aquatic Centre at UBC Point Grey.


  1. Sip a seasonal hot bevvy at Murchie’s Tea & Coffee and grab a treat at Rogers’ Chocolates

As well as selling gift sets, loose tea, coffee, teapots, mugs and other accessories, you can stop by Murchie’s Tea & Coffee and get a steaming cup to warm your belly! Any kind of tea you could possibly imagine can be served on its own or made into a hot milk latte for your sipping pleasure. Whether you prefer black or green, herbal or caffeinated, oolong or rooibos, spiced or fruity, Murchie’s has it all! They’re currently rolling out their holiday teas, which include the likes of Roasted Chestnut, First Frost (peppermint & vanilla), Sugar Maple, and Christmas blend coffee. To get a head start on your holiday shopping, they have a ’12 Teas of Christmas’ sampler pack for your tea-loving fam.

With hot bevvy in hand, there’s nothing better to complement it than a sweet treat from Rogers’ Chocolates. We’re a fan of the classic Victoria Creams — holiday favourites include Pumpkin Spice, Eggnog, Cranberry, & Gingerbread. Continue your holiday shopping for a gift that can’t go wrong. With boxed assortments of all flavours and sizes, there’s something delicious for everyone on your list. After all, life is like a box of chocolates!

Murchie's Fine Coffee & Tea

Murchie’s is the perfect stop to warm your belly on a chilly fall evening — plus, start your holiday shopping early!


  1. Take a class or attend an event at the Wesbrook Community Centre

Want to celebrate Diwali and learn about Indian New Year? How about socialize your new puppy with other dogs? Interested in getting your sweat on at a dance bootcamp? How about finally learning guitar? Need the perfect venue and setup for a child’s birthday party? How about kids sports or leadership courses? The University Neighbourhoods Association has something for the whole family at Wesbrook Community Centre or the Old Barn Community Centre at UBC Point Grey.

Many of the programs run on a seasonal basis. Registration opens a few weeks before classes start and can fill up quickly. You can register in person at the community centre, over the phone, or on the UNA website. Some of the programs allow drop-ins, so if there’s something you or your child are interested in taking, we’d suggest searching for it on the website or flicking through the program guide.

Wesbrook Community Centre

Take any class from yoga, to languages, to sports, games, and more at the Wesbrook Community Centre.


  1. Watch a Show at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts is a world-class venue for all things creative expression, educational speakers, musical performances, conferences, and more. It has several rooms including a concert hall, studio theatre, lounge, and cinema with regular programming events as well as room rental availability with all the fixings to host your own. It’s even been featured in a few TV shows over the years including Fringe, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica.

Some near future programming includes a book re-issue and talk with David Suzuki and Brandi Morin and the UBC Symphony Orchestra playing video game music. Past programming featured William Shatner, the Dalai Lama, and Margaret Atwood. Check out their website at for the latest shows and to buy tickets.

The Chan Centre for Performing Arts

The Chan Centre boasts many talks, conferences, and performances. There’s always something going on, check out the Chan Centre website to find exciting upcoming events.


  1. Catch a Concert at the Thunderbird Stadium

The Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre isn’t JUST for sports, but also doubles as a coveted concert venue featuring shows of all kinds. Comedy shows, community events, concerts, speakers, and more, the Thunderbird Arena is a Vancouver icon. Upcoming events include Carly Rae Jepsen, Jim Gaffigan, and keshi, with Lamb of God and Chris Rock recently at the venue.

The venue is accessible with designated dropoff, parking, and seating, as well as equipped with elevators. Should you get peckish, there’s concession stands with healthy options. Alternatively, visit DownLow Chicken Shack on University Boulevard for a bite before your show complete with underground parking.

Thunderbird Sports Arena

Catch a concert at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena — visit the arena website for upcoming events.


While the fall can bring dark skies, rain, and chilly weather, you and your family can still enjoy your leisure time at UBC Point Grey — there’s so much to do no matter the weather forecast!