A Renters Guide to Living options at UBC

July 6, 2021

Looking to rent at UBC but not sure where to start? Let us offer some guidance. UBC has six on-campus neighbourhoods offering a wide variety of rental options – that makes for a lot of listings to sift through! But you can optimize your house hunt simply by knowing which areas are best suited to your particular lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available and to whom:

July 2022 (update) – Please note that due to high demand for housing in the area not all options may be available at the time of your search.

Village Square, Wesbrook Village, UBC

Market Rentals: For Anyone Who Wants to Live at UBC

If you have no affiliation with UBC but would love to live in a vibrant neighbourhood surrounded by the best that nature has to offer, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are over 460 beautiful homes to choose from with Wesbrook Properties.

Whether you’re looking for a strong connection to nature, a family friendly community, or a bustling new area to call home, Wesbrook Properties is a great place to start your search. With a selection of studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments, as well as townhomes in three distinctly beautiful neighbourhoods, you’re bound to find the right fit. And since these homes are unfurnished, you can create inspired interior spaces with your own personal décor style.

Bonus: Renting through this high-quality property management service is something you can feel good about. That’s because proceeds from Wesbrook Properties’ activities are allocated to the UBC endowment fund, which supports a wide range of programs such as student housing, scholarships and research. Ergo, by choosing to live on campus you are supporting the university’s academic priorities around research, learning and student support.

Georgia Point, Wesbrook Village, UBC

University Users: For Anyone Associated with UBC

Part of what makes living at UBC so great is the many thriving restaurants and businesses on campus. If you are a student, a UBC faculty member, staff of UBC or working in a business which operates on UBC campus grounds then Wesbrook Properties has three buildings with a total of 350 beautiful homes.

First, there’s Georgia Point. This striking, 14-storey architectural beauty is just steps away from forested greenways and boasts a large amenity room that opens up to an expansive patio lounge – complete with fireplaces and a resident-only designated BBQ area. There’s also Focal. Located on University Boulevard, this contemporary dwelling offers one and two-bedroom rental apartments. Bonus: Residents here don’t have to go far to dine out. The ground floor is home to some of the best eats on campus. And finally, there’s Central, also on University Boulevard – this modern stunner is home to an amazing selection of restaurants on the street level.

Mundell House, Wesbrook Village, UBC

Faculty & Staff: For Anyone Who Teaches or Works at the University

If you’re an employee of UBC, then you’re eligible to live at one of 15 buildings with a total of 830 homes to select from all of which are 25% below-market rental. These buildings are run by Village Gate Homes, which leases and manages rental homes available exclusively to UBC Faculty and Staff. These buildings are either located in Hawthorn Place or Wesbrook Village.

Hawthorn Place is a warm and welcoming, greenway-rich neighbourhood. Full of small-town charm, the heart and soul of this area is the Old Barn Community Centre where you can enjoy craft fairs, holiday celebrations, and a whole host of family friendly activities. At Hawthorn, you’re also within walking distance of Bean Around the World coffee shop and UBC’s academic core.

For more of an urban vibe, Wesbrook Village is the place for you. Teeming with restaurants, pubs and cafés, this is UBC’s largest neighbourhood, so you’re really in the heart of it all when you live here. And that’s not all. In addition to a thriving foodie scene, this sustainably designed neighbourhood is surrounded by an abundance of greenspace including parks, bike paths, and forest walks thoughtfully interwoven into the neighbourhood.

Marine Drive Residence, UBC

Student Housing: For Anyone Ready to Hit the Books

When it comes to living in residence on campus, first-year students get priority. But there are still plenty of options for returning students, as well as graduate students. In fact, according to UBC Student Housing and Community Services, UBC has more on-campus housing than any university in Canada with 12,500 beds.

And no need to hire a decorator, these rooms come furnished. Also, no real need to grocery shop either. Living arrangements here come with convenient meal plans, with over 45 places to eat including residence dining rooms – giving you more time to study and immerse yourself in university life. These accommodations are flexible too. Come summer, for example, if you want to take off for a couple of months, you can apply to sublet your residence. For more info specifically on student housing, visit https://vancouver.housing.ubc.ca/.


Future Developments: For Anyone Planning Ahead

Looking down the road for possible housing options at UBC? Check out the UBC housing action plan if you are interested in learning more about the affordable housing strategy and options at UBC. For more info, please contact Campus and Community Planning.