Family of 3 and a dog in Wesbrook Village

Beat the Heat: Where to Cool Off This Summer at UBC Point Grey

July 12, 2023

With summer temperatures soaring, finding a cool and refreshing retreat becomes a top priority. Luckily, UBC Point Grey offers a variety of options to beat the heat and enjoy the best of what the season has to offer. From splash pads to serene beaches, here are some fantastic spots at UBC Point Grey where you can cool off this summer.

Family of three and a dog walking along a greenway in Wesbrook Village


1. Splash around in the splash pad: Located in the heart of Wesbrook Village, the splash pad right outside the Wesbrook Community Centre provides a delightful oasis for both children and adults. The vibrant water features and interactive structures make it the perfect place to cool down, splash around, and have a fun-filled time with family and friends. Bring a picnic and sit in one of the many parks in the area and make a day of it!

Splash pad with kids

Photo credit: University Neighbourhoods Association


2. Go for a swim in the Aquatic Centre: When the temperatures rise, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as taking a dip in a pool. UBC’s Aquatic Centre offers a state-of-the-art sustainable facility with several indoor swimming pools, diving boards, and hot tubs. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or simply looking to relax in the water, the Aquatic Centre provides an ideal space to escape the summer heat — or kick it up a notch in the sauna or steam room!

UBC Aquatic Centre

Photo credit: Paul Joseph


3. Soak up the sun on Wreck Beach: If you’re in the mood for a beach day, UBC Point Grey has just the place — head to Wreck Beach, one of Vancouver’s most iconic waterfront destinations. Located on the western edge of UBC’s campus, this clothing-optional beach offers stunning views, soft sand, clear waters, and good vibes. Take a refreshing swim in the ocean, soak up the sun, and enjoy the cool ocean breeze as you unwind on the beach.

Sunset at Wreck Beach


4. Breathe in the fresh forest air in Pacific Spirit Park: For those seeking a break from the city heat, Pacific Spirit Park provides a tranquil retreat just minutes away from UBC’s bustling campus. Explore the lush greenery, tall trees, wildlife, and winding 73km of trails of this beautiful park. The shaded pathways offer respite from the sun’s rays while the fresh forest air invigorates your senses. Whether you’re walking, cycling, or jogging, Pacific Spirit Park is the perfect spot to cool off while connecting with nature.

Photo credit: Martin Dee


5. Shop-till-you-drop in Wesbrook Village: When you need a break from the outdoors, head to Wesbrook Village, a vibrant community hub situated at UBC Point Grey. The village offers a range of air-conditioned stores where you can shop, browse, and enjoy a reprieve from the heat. Pick up your groceries, get a massage or haircut, indulge in a little retail therapy, or simply relish the cool atmosphere while sipping a refreshing drink at one of the local cafes.

Shopping at the beauty boutique in Shoppers Drug Mart in Wesbrook Village

Photo credit: Brett Ryan


6. Lick an Ice cream at Rain or Shine: No summer cooling guide would be complete without mentioning ice cream! Treat yourself to a delectable frozen delight at Rain or Shine, a popular ice cream parlour located on University Boulevard. With an array of unique flavours and high-quality ingredients made in small batches, Rain or Shine is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth and savour a cool treat on a hot summer’s day.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Photo credit: Rain or Shine Ice Cream


When the summer sun beats down, UBC Point Grey offers an array of refreshing options to escape the heat and enjoy the season to the fullest. From the playful splash pad and community shops in Wesbrook Village to the serene shores of Wreck Beach & tranquil trails in Pacific Spirit Park, there’s a way to beat the heat for everyone here. So, cool off, have fun, and make the most of the summer at UBC Point Grey!