How to stay active at
UBC Point Grey!

May 24, 2022

UBC is situated among lush forests, beautiful beaches with endless places to discover. With Spring in full swing, days are getting longer, and the weather is warming up – this means more opportunities to get active and explore! 

Remaining active at UBC Point Grey is a lot easier than one might think. With multiple parks, trails and greenways, it’s simple to reach your activity goals. This blog walks you through steps you can take (quite literally) to remain active around UBC!

UBC Rose Garden. PC: Brett Ryan Studios

​Park Pastime

UBC has many beautiful parks integrated into its spaces! In Wesbrook Village, Mundell Park is known for its water feature, green area and playground. If you are in need of some relaxation, Smith Park is the way to go! In the summertime, the Wesbrook Community Park with its splash pad serves as a quick cool down for kidlets and parents alike! To learn more about parks around Wesbrook, visit the Live at UBC Welcome Centre and explore our interactive map!

Go with the Flow! 

Located in Wesbrook Village, VNYSΛ is a premium yoga studio offering diverse yoga practices in the most approachable way. With a wide spectrum of classes like Flow, Power and even ‘Yoga Beats’ (a music-driven class), it’s easy to find something that feels good for you! Additionally, you can sign up virtually if you want to practice from home or outside. Be warned, it may cause transformational experiences!​


Take it to Court or Stay in your Lane

UBC Point Grey is home to the UBC Tennis Centre and the UBC Tennis Bubble. These two publicly accessible facilities can be booked online, making it more accessible to keep you on your toes. P.S. If you live at UBC Point Grey – you get a discount! 

On the northern end of UBC is the UBC Aquatic Centre offering something for everyone – whether you’re looking for drop-in swimming, aquacize fitness classes, swimming lessons, diving lessons, scuba diving, or even first aid courses. You can find it all at the UBC Aquatic Centre!

PC: Paul Joseph


One of the best parts about UBC’s location is the connection to nature. Pacific Spirit Regional Park surrounds UBC Point Grey campus. This multi-seasonal attraction boasts over 73km of walking/hiking trails with various routes, sights and trail types. Admire the big trees along Sword Fern Trail or the ocean views on Admiralty Trail in the northern part of the park. View a map and plan out your excursion ahead of time!

Looking for some pre-adventure fuel, or a post-adventure refreshment? Stop by Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop or Body Energy Club for a fresh treat!

Up for a race? Shoppers Drug Mart hosts a Run for Women in Wesbrook Village – suitable for any age and fitness level – with options for walking or running the various distances ranging from 1-10K. Taking place this year on May 7, 2022, Registration is open, and funds support the Reproductive Mental Health Program at BC Women’s Hospital. Dress up is not required but can make it more fun!

PC: Yaletown Photography + Film

Gardens Galore!

Did you know UBC is home to the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan? The Nitobe Memorial Garden provides a sense of escapism right here in Vancouver. Nitobe Memorial Garden has a landscape design that helps to create a reverence for and sense of harmony with nature. To learn more about this garden, click here.

The UBC Botanical Garden is full of enchantment and often used as a location for weddings – it is that stunning! This garden serves as a place of serenity, perfect for relaxing and taking it easy. Starting April 1, the Greenheart TreeWalk opens for the warmer months, where you can take your walk through nature to new heights, venturing 23 meters above the forest floor and scoring incredible views among douglas firs, cedars and grand firs! 

Aaand Go!

As you can tell, it is not hard to find green spaces, new activities, or ways to keep your body moving around UBC! We hope this inspires you to find new ways to stay active and have fun while doing it. Now quit reading and go enjoy some fresh air!