May 19, 2022

Building upon last year’s popular UBLVD WKNDS event hosted by Live at UBC on University Boulevard, we are expanding the experience with more music, more art, more cool furniture, more games = more fun! Oh and there will be a NEW brewery pop-up.

This event will not disappoint. Set in a vibrant, eclectic and plentiful neighbourhood of University Boulevard get some food, meet some friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Lounge Space:

Located between the healthy offerings of Body Energy Club and the devilishly delicious Downlow Chicken, enjoy the lounge area that will be open for the whole summer. The lounge, or… The Sculptural Dreamscape as we like to call it, will have furniture uniquely crafted by the talented Druvid. Known for his up-cycled and repurposed materials these pieces are unique and subtly encourage you who sit on them to create your own narrative (or Instagram post!).


We had some fun performers last year and so we are bringing some of them back along with some new faces (to us). There will be one DJ/musician playing each event day (see June schedule below) each bringing their talent for all to enjoy in this space.

This year we have My Gay Husband, Phil Bo, Johnny JoverOlin Brix, Missy D and many more to be announced!


For those that did not win their connect 4 games in 2021, we are bringing back a selection of games for friends and new friends to enjoy!

Start practicing your tactics!

Live Art:

Live art is an art! The selected artists will impress attendees by creating a live art piece on a temporary mural wall. This mural will remain in situ until the following month when a new artist will impress. Watch out for details on Live at UBC social media pages on how to get your hands on this mural art each month…

Brewery Pop-up:

How awesome is this! We are so excited to host a new beer pop-up this summer. Each weekend event will feature a different brewer/brewery. Look out for the brewer who will be there to inform you on the process, flavour, and profiles of their beer.

Outdoor Fitness at MacInnes Field:

Train like a RIDE Instructor! Originally developed by RIDE CYCLE CLUB co-founder and head trainer, Ashley Ander. TRAINING CLUB is a 45-minute off-bike workout that combines repetitive movements, light weights, and conditioning to help tone and strengthen your entire body.  Register today!  All ticket proceeds will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, a global not-for-profit organization that helps LGTBQI+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.



Beer pop-up by Container Brewing

Live Mural Art by Rory Doyle

Music by Johnny Jover and Cassandra Bangel


Where to Go

Check out the map of the area, the star representing where the events are hosted!

Here is the exact address and a link to Google Maps: 6111 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1


How to Get There:

Wondering how you should get to the event? Here are a few options:

  1. Park in the new U Boulevard Parkade (entrance is next to Browns Crafthouse on University Boulevard)
  2. Bus it to the UBC Bus Exchange. Find bus routes here.
  3. Bike it!
  4. Take an Evo! Find parking here.


The full summer event dates:

Save this page and check back for next month’s lineup!

Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25, 2022

Friday July 29 and Saturday July 30, 2022

Friday August 26 and Saturday August 27, 2022